Apple iPod Hi-Fi Rocks!

First i was a bit sceptic and thought it was too expensive. However, i walked into the Apple Store (in The Netherlands), payed EUR 379,- and went home. I must say i've seen a lot of real Hi-Fi installations and studios, but this thing really gives an amazing sound. Your room will be completely FULL [...]

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Windows Genuine Advantage bypassed again!

UPDATE: This bypass method described below doesn't work anymore. Visit mydigitallife's article for an updated (3-dec-2006) and easy method of bypassing WGA/Notifications/Visiting Windows Updates, etc. In 2005 Microsoft introduced Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) which was (also) meant to reduce illegal copies. Since then, people who had an 'illegal' Corporate copy of Windows XP or Server 2003 were [...]

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Script it! A logfiles compress/backup script

Lesson of this article is: Script It! I will also show an in depth example of a sheduled script which will zip/rotate/delete/move/copy you logfiles. This is a typical task everyone with a webserver would automate/script because you want to save your logfiles for statistics and to track ‘bad’ visitors while zipping them reduces it’s size [...]

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