Building your own Homeserver III

UPDATE: Photos are back online! Thanks to Gabi from Romania for the copyright free photos! Gira has a made beautifull Homeserver and FacilityServer. Unfortunatelly it’s quite expensive (about €2400,- for their Homeserver3 and the Facilityserver is even more). Is this device made of gold ? The opposite is true, the Homeserver [...]

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Myth Busters: Benzine getankt in een Dieselauto ?

Na 35 liter benzine in een Volvo XC90 D5 (diesel) te hebben getankt.. toch een helder moment gehad en gestopt. Het eruit pompen is niet mogelijk omdat de tank met een soort ventiel/vacuüm zit, ook bestaan de meeste brandstoftanks tegenwoordig uit 2 kleinere tanks wat zorgt voor een beter evenwicht in de auto (ANWB monteurs [...]

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Touch Screen seems broken or misaligned?

I always wear a screencover/seal on my phone untill I went to a Smoking Eel party recently (“NK Palingroken”), my phone was so oily that the screencover just slide off.. the screencover was dirty and messed up so I put the phone in my trousers without screen protection. A few days later I thought the [...]

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Posting Binary data (automate a file upload)

I used the following code for posting/uploading binary data (example: upload a file for an email attachment in webmail). It can also be used to send MMS messages to an Internet MMS Gateway. Code is in VBScript which can be run without the use of additional components. Example1 (upload) Example2 (mms) If you however like [...]

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