Acronis True Image Server hell!

In my search for an easy, stable and manageable backup tool, I tested Acronis True Image Server 9.5 (Enterprise Edition). My goal was to backup several Windows 2003 servers and some Linux CentOS 5.2 servers. I experienced a lot of problems and weird things; […]

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Project: New Wi-Fi Accesspoint

Because of the problems i had with getting my Wii Game Console onto Wi-Fi and the fact that i screwed-up my Asus Accesspoint by connecting it to a to heavy cable so the plug broke..  I decided i deserved a new Accesspoint.   […]

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VBScript: Be carefull using Doubles or Singles!

Most of us decided to use (ASP) VBScript to quickly write a script or build a simple website, writing code in a ‘higher-level’ has the advantage to keep our mind on the functionality of the script or website and forget about the low-level technical stuff. Unfortunately, we have to worry about the following issue (example [...]

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Why DFS doesn’t replicate certain files ?

I always advise everyone to use DFS (Distributed File System), even when you do not plan to replicate files/folders between servers, it’s a good way of getting rid of all that server names. Do these problems sound familiar: "On which server was that share ?"  or  "The share is running out of space, but we can’t move [...]

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X64 issues (when migrating some servers)

I recently migrated some Windows platforms to Windows Server 2003 x64 which were running Windows 2003 Server (normal 32-bit version). The reason for this was that i migrated to a new virtual platform (in my case Xen Enterprise 4.0.1) which supports 64bit Operating Systems, so it would be a quick win… If i didn’t had XEN (or another [...]

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