How to Backup/Restore Avaya to IIS7.5

In IIS7 and IIS7.5 which runs on Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2008 R2, it is not possible to use the WebDav PUT command without ‘authentication’. This is a problem for your Avaya VOIP phones. Avaya uses the PUT command to backup a phone configuration and to store contacts. Now, there are 3 possible [...]

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Migrating from IMail 2006 -> MDaemon 11.0.3

I wrote some scripts to migrate from IPSwitch IMail 2006 (IMail 9) to MDaemon 11.0.3. Because IMail and MDaemon have some differences in logic, I cut my migration into several parts. Below you’ll find a step-by-step IMail to MDaemon migration including the scripts I used/wrote! […]

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Gira installer tips!

Recently I was installing some additional RJ-45 wallmounts in my house. I was really annoyed of Gira’s ‘solution’ to mount a Panduit CAT6a (10Gbit capable!) keystone. I needed a screwdriver to get my cable back from the Gira wallmount. Many installers face the same problem. I found a simple solution by replacing the plastic Gira [...]

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Binck en de ‘tussen schakel’ naar Euronext

Dacht je ooit al is te zien dat het orderboek niet klopte of zag je rare transacties? Vanmorgen heb ik een animatie gemaakt van een order die ik heb ingeschoten bij Binck Bank N.V. (via het ProTrader platform). In de animatie is te zien dat er een schakel zit tussen Binck Bank N.V. en de [...]

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