Digest authentication: Impossible to authenticate to DB and IIS Webserver

Due to some technical issues (i’ll show you below) it is impossible to authenticate using Digest Authentication for authenticating the user against an Database/LDAP and the webserver itself. I did this before with Basic authentication, which works fine. Example1: It is possible to authenticate with basic authentication against a Database, simply write a 401 header [...]

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[VBScript/ASP] About Isnull and =null

Expressions in VBScript/ASP with "null" in it, will always return FALSE. See the examples below:Dim test If (test=null) Then Response.Write "True" Else Response.Write "False" End If If Not(test=null) Then Response.Write "True" Else Response.Write "False" End If Both will show "False". Because "null" is in the expression, none of them will ever return True. This is [...]

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