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Connecting Sonos to Google Assistant – Problem Solving

It happed to me just two hours before my birthday party, I could no add my Sonos devices to Google Assistant anymore. I tried to remove them and Add them again.. Failed. So here is my shortlist of things you can try when you're having the same problem: Close the Sonos and Google Assitant [...]

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How to use/format Native 4Kn drives in Synology or NAS

A few years ago I started using 4Kn drives in my storage (Open-E and Synology NAS). You had to decide for a 4Kn (native) drive or a 512-byte drive when buying it.Now, a few years later, companies like Western Digital (HGST) and Seagate come with ‘Advanced Format’ drives, it’s one drive [...]

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Viega Fonterra Smart Control with KNX (Homeserver Building Block)

Viega Fonterra Smart Control is a great product, it's actually the best system for floor heating I've ever seen: You never have to fine tune the flowmeters (it's done automatically!) It constantly adjusts itself, this increases comfort and saves a lot of energy. It can be combined in a classic system (heater on [...]

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Set your Wallmount tablet to Day or Night mode (Dim and blank screen)

I have several tablets hanging to the wall for controlling my Living room lights, Office environment or Garden lights. To save energy I would like these tablets to power off at night automatically or even better, have a proximity sensor in front of them or a tap to wake. Continue reading to see how to [...]

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