Trixbox VM on XenServer

I made a VM of Trixbox for use with Citrix XenServer (5.6). The VM is in .xva format so you can import it right away in XenServer, all yum updates are done (as of 06 dec. 2010) and latest Xen-Tools are installed. Download it: trixbox- (589MB) Details root password: trixbox IP: Automatic (via DHCP) [...]

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Gira is threatening with letters

Childish threads about copyright on photos Unfortunately I had to remove the photos of the Gira Homeserver 3 in the post: “Building your own Homeserver III” because Gira said it was under copyright. Gabi from Romania donated me some copyright free photos which I uploaded to the article. It’s kind of discrimiating that Gira only [...]

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Pure water

Because i was renewing things in my home, after the electricity, it was time to do the water installation.I decided to place a TwinTec XL2 water softener. I’m dreaming about a clear glass shower wall, a clean kettle without scale, drinking Perrier from my kitchen tap, clothes that feel softer, using [...]

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