Best Case for HP IPaq 6910/6915/6925/65xx

For quite some time i’ve been looking for a case or wallet for my HP Ipaq 6915 phone/pda. I was looking for a case which is (a little) shock proof, which i could put in my Cradle without removing the case and also has stylish look. Water resistant was no issue for me. I searched my head [...]

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How to resize your SR in Xen

Since a while, i’m using OpenFiler 2.x and Xen 4.01 Enterprise. I use the iSCSI capabilities of OpenFiler for my Storage Repositories (SR) in Xen. Last week i had a space problem for one of my VMs in XEN: The (virtual) Harddrive was only 30GB and i wanted to add another drive of 60GB. However, my Storage Repository [...]

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Hidden Share$ in OpenFiler

You can create a hidden (Windows) share in OpenFiler (SMB/CIFS Share) by entering the "Override SMB share name" ending with the $ sign. Do not forget to restart (disable and enable) the SMB/CIFS service. (click to enlarge screenshot) This actually changes the /etc/samba/smb.conf file to something like this (you can also do that manually): [Backup$] [...]

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Windows .NET 2.0 Update warnings (aspnet_perf.dll / KB928365)

I had a Windows Server 2003 R2 x64 (30day edition) running. When I decided to run all updates (, I saw the following warnings in the Application Event Log: Event ID: 37 Type: Warning Source: WINMgmt Description: WMI ADAP was unable to load the C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\aspnet_perf.dll performance library due to an unknown problem within the library [...]

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Finally, ICACLS Valhalla !

Did you ever need to script ‘setting-file/folder-permissions’ or making a deployment or install script ? Or did you ever screwed-up the NTFS permissions on the C:\Windows folder (including all the subfolders) ? If so, you’d better read on; Microsoft finally came with a solution which stops all the horror of automaticly setting-NTFS permissions, including the [...]

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Summer birthday party

Today i'll give a small party, already announced via this site. I hope the weather is good and we make a lot of cool photo's and short movies. I'll post them next week. Happy boarding and be carefull...

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ABN-AMRO security weaknesses

Today I took some time to write a little about ABN-AMRO’s security weaknesses. This article including it’s examples and example code (which will be posted later) are for educational purposes only. Account blocking It’s made too simple to lock an account for internet banking. Going to and typing an existing bank account number with [...]

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Miss list

Instead of making a wish list, I'll give you my miss list below. Most of the items should be vaporware #1 since many people are waiting years for it and the miss will be a bigger problem in feature. As soon as an item is available or a good workarround is available I'll post it next to [...]

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Get the most out of your Ipaq 6915

Last year i bought my new HP Ipaq 6915. Last month the touchscreen broke (couldn’t touch it anymore), first i thought it was a software problem so i did a hard-reset on the device. Too bad, after a hard-reset you must tab-the-screen which i couldn’t.. I called HP which came to pickup the device and [...]

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