Homeserver that Powers on Samsung TV with Chromecast

When I touch my Tastsensor near my bed with the “Wake up” scene, the light swiches on, the bathroom lights switches on and in the Kitchen the Light and the TV should switch on. Problem with Samsung TVs (and a lot of other brands) is that they don’t do Wake-on-Lan [...]

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Gira installer tips!

Recently I was installing some additional RJ-45 wallmounts in my house. I was really annoyed of Gira’s ‘solution’ to mount a Panduit CAT6a (10Gbit capable!) keystone. I needed a screwdriver to get my cable back from the Gira wallmount. Many installers face the same problem. I found a simple solution by replacing the plastic Gira [...]

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Gira is threatening with letters

Childish threads about copyright on photos Unfortunately I had to remove the photos of the Gira Homeserver 3 in the post: “Building your own Homeserver III” because Gira said it was under copyright. Gabi from Romania donated me some copyright free photos which I uploaded to the article. It’s kind of discrimiating that Gira only [...]

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Building your own Homeserver III

UPDATE: Photos are back online! Thanks to Gabi from Romania for the copyright free photos! Gira has a made beautifull Homeserver and FacilityServer. Unfortunatelly it’s quite expensive (about €2400,- for their Homeserver3 and the Facilityserver is even more). Is this device made of gold ? The opposite is true, the Homeserver [...]

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