Gira installer tips!

Recently I was installing some additional RJ-45 wallmounts in my house. I was really annoyed of Gira’s ‘solution’ to mount a Panduit CAT6a (10Gbit capable!) keystone. I needed a screwdriver to get my cable back from the Gira wallmount. Many installers face the same problem. I found a simple solution by replacing the plastic Gira [...]

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Gira is threatening with letters

Childish threads about copyright on photos Unfortunately I had to remove the photos of the Gira Homeserver 3 in the post: “Building your own Homeserver III” because Gira said it was under copyright. Gabi from Romania donated me some copyright free photos which I uploaded to the article. It’s kind of discrimiating that Gira only [...]

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Building your own Homeserver III

UPDATE: Photos are back online! Thanks to Gabi from Romania for the copyright free photos! Gira has a made beautifull Homeserver and FacilityServer. Unfortunatelly it’s quite expensive (about €2400,- for their Homeserver3 and the Facilityserver is even more). Is this device made of gold ? The opposite is true, the Homeserver [...]

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