AsteriskNow VM for Xenserver

Here it is, a ready to rock AsteriskNow VM for XenServer, ready to download as a .xva file. It includes: CentOS 5.9 (because only 5 is offically supported yet) Asterisk 10 (v10.12.2) FreePBX 2.10 (v2.10.1.9) ARI (Call Recording) Xe-tools (optimized for Xenserver 6.1) Get a cheap or free SIP Trunk Provider, some Cisco IP Phones [...]

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Trixbox VM on XenServer

I made a VM of Trixbox for use with Citrix XenServer (5.6). The VM is in .xva format so you can import it right away in XenServer, all yum updates are done (as of 06 dec. 2010) and latest Xen-Tools are installed. Download it: trixbox- (589MB) Details root password: trixbox IP: Automatic (via DHCP) [...]

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Building your own Homeserver III

UPDATE: Photos are back online! Thanks to Gabi from Romania for the copyright free photos! Gira has a made beautifull Homeserver and FacilityServer. Unfortunatelly it’s quite expensive (about €2400,- for their Homeserver3 and the Facilityserver is even more). Is this device made of gold ? The opposite is true, the Homeserver [...]

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